Magistrate Vs DIG: Controversy over beacon light in Gwalior

The controversy between DIG Pankaj Srivastava and Railway magistrate Jitendra Singh Kushwaha over the use of yellow beacon light on Kushwaha's car does not seem to end soon.

The CID report was supposed to fix responsibility. Instead, it has put onus on both officers, and in process coming up with a diplomatic sort of report. Firstly, if magistrate was misusing beacon light and there was no number plate on his car, then it was clear violation of rules.

Yes, police do misbehave in many cases. But in this incident, if the magistrate refuses to give the key, what is the option? The solution is that all red/yellow/blue lights should be immediately abolished and banned. No minister, judge, IPS-IAS officer or any flying squad personnel should be allowed to use the 'laal or pili batti'.

Ban beacon lights. Public servants should serve citizens, not rule them. The lights atop vehicles give a message that the person in the particular car or jeep is more important than the rest. This is against the spirit of democracy.

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