BJP accepts Malegaon blast accused is party worker

The Madhya Pradesh BJP has accepted that Shyamlal Sahu, an Indore resident, who was arrested for blasts in Malegaon and Modasa, with Sadhwi Pragya Bharati, was a party leader.

PWD Minister and BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya went to the house of Sahu. He also said that the BJP worker was framed. This is a sudden change from the earlier stand when the party was not willing to accept any links with the blast accused.

But the BJP had no other option. Uma Bharati is speaking on behalf of the blast accused and this has caused anger among BJP workers who feel that they party abandons them when they are caught.

With elections just a month away from now, the party can't afford its cadre getting angry and restless. Already, BJP rebel MLAs are joining the Bharatiya Janashakti Party and BJP can't afford more trouble. Thus even a blast accused is now being defended. Time will tell if this strategy pays off.


MP connection to Malegaon blasts

The role of Hindu Jagran Manch in the blasts in Modasa and Malegaon has brought focus to activities of these organisations in Madhya Pradesh.

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, also known as Purna Chetnanand Giri was arrested and during interrogation she confessed the role of Vande Mataram Jan Kalyan Samiti in the bomb blasts.

Indore-resident Ramji Kalsangra is said to be mastermind of the blasts. His brother Shiv Narayan has also been arrested from Indore along with Shyam Sahu and some other persons.

Pragya is mainly from Bhind. She was earlier close to RSS and was a member of Durga Vahini. She was also associated with ABVP. Dilip Nahar is also arrested from Indore. The other accused Shyam Sahu has a cell phone repair shop.

The bike used for plating bombs was bought in the name of Sadhwi. Gujarat and Mumbai police teams are coming to Indore to investigate the role of HJM and other organisations.


Bhopal journalists beaten up at Airport

Electronic media cameramen and reporters were beaten up when they went to the airport to cover the visit of Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh.

India TV stringer Anurag Upadhyay was hit with canes. Some others were also hospitalized. But the journalists are getting beaten up every now and then. In fact, electronic media journalists have themselves to be blamed for their devaulation.

When Amar Singh was coming to Bhopal for a press conference, what was the need to go to Airport to receive him. Is he George Bush or Amartya Sen? He has to speak at press conference and attend functions. You can ask questions to him there. What scoop would they have achieved at the airport? Is he RAW or IB chief?

Why need to go to airport to welcome him like a party member? The journalists also want to show their face to the high and mighty and secure privilieges later. Earlier also they got beaten.
When CISF pushed them back, one journalist abused the security man.

After this they took the lathis and lashed journalists. Then the same electronic media journalists demanded an inquiry and action from police. It was more foolish act, as CISF comes under the Centre and any inquiry by state police, will not hold water and there won't be any action. If they want respect, they should stop chasing everybody like papparazzi, else accept this treatment. Don't cry like kids.

Saint Lal Sai sexually abused women: Sex scandal in Bhopal

Saint Lal Bulchandani who was known as Lal Sai was sexually abusing women in Bhopal for four years.

The police have registered a case against him. Sai's ashram in Bairagarh is now being searched and his disciples have run away. After women devotees complaint that he even raped minor girls, the police took action.

Sai had become a powerful man. Hundreds of women visited his Ashram. Now it has been disclosed that he asked them to perform meditation and gave medicines under the impact of which they were raped.

Hindi newspaper Dainik Jagran published the report. It has also printed the allegations against the Sant. After this was disclosed, some persons tried to settle the matter and there was political pressure but at last he was exposed.

The Jagran report on newspaper's website


Will Uma Bharti cause BJP's defeat in Madhya Pradesh?

Fire-brand Bharatiya Janshakti Leader Uma Bharti is the biggest obstacle for Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan in the way of his second coronation as Chief Minister.

Uma Bharti has burnt her bridges with the BJP and the party leaders don't want her back without realising that it was her popularity that had given the party an overwhelming majority in the Assembly.

Now Uma is all set to take revenge. The Sadhvi is hurt as she feels it was the mandate for Uma Bharati and not the BJP but the party later dumped her. With her aggressive campaigning, it is clear that she is going to harm the prospects of BJP.

In rural Madhya Pradesh and Bundelkhand region, she is still revered. With reports of Samajwadi Party and BSP having a secret pact with her in different regions of the state and Congress also supporting her, it is clear that Shivraj will not find it easy to come back to power again in the Assembly elections to be held in November.


Pro-Ravana tribals desecrate Hindu religious text

Tension spread in Amarwara in Chhindwara when a group of tribals set fire to Ramayana.

The tribals were angry with the burning of Ravana effigy at the time of Dussehra and later in retaliation, committed the act of torching the holy religious book on the main road.

The clash occurred between the Deharia community and native Gond tribals. The police force reached the area and was stationed around to prevent any untoward incident.

The tribals were unhappy that Ravana's effigy was burnt and the Deharias were celebrating. Five persons responsible for the desecration Dayali, Antar Singh, Budh Ram, Shiv and others were arrested.


Burhanpur communal riot claims 10 lives

The number of persons who died in the communal violence in Burhanpur has gone up to ten even as curfew is clamped and shoot-at-sight orders are issued in the City.

The communal riot has brought to focus the absolute failure of the district administration and police in anticipating the situation. A provocative song that was played in the religious procession (rath yatra), caused tension.

This incident occurred on Thursday. But there was still tension in the City and the district officials failed to apprehend that until an incident of stone pelting led to riot, the very next day. Large-scale arson and rioting was witnessed.

The police fired at the mobs, which resulted in the death of three persons. Later reports said that the figure of the dead went up to six. But recovery of three more bodies from a village near the City and the death of two other persons in hospital, raised the toll to 10. Burhanpur is a sensitive town with Muslims accounting for more than 50% of the population.

With elections in Madhya Pradesh drawing nearer, communal incidents have seen a rise. Still, the failure of the government and the administration in tackling the situation, puts a question mark on the functioning of police.

The report of the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) has recently indicted the Indore administration for the riot early this year.

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