BJP MLA, IG to be quizzed in Shehla Masood murder case

A  BJP MLA and an IG police would be quizzed during investigation in the Shehla Masood murder case which has become a sort of mystery.

Dainik Bhaskar reports that MLA Dhruv Narayan Singh would be summoned and interrogated. It says that Singh had good relations with Masood when he was chairman of tourism development corporation but later the relations had soured.

The cell phone record of her cell phone has been examined. Names of persons in the conversation record list are being called and interrogated. Police hope that they would be able to find information and make breakthrough.

IG Pawan Shrivastav would also be quizzed. The family of Shehla Masood had named him in their statement to the Koh-e-Fiza police after the murder.


Murder Mystery: Shehla Masood's killing in Bhopal

Shehla Masood who was a social activist and earned recognition for using Right to Information (RTI) to unearth corruption in bureaucracy, forest department and mining, was shot dead on August 16.

Masood lived in Koh-e-Fiza and left her house. She was about to start her car when someone fired at her in the neck. The injury was fatal and she died on the spot.

The Bhopal police have failed to find any clue about her murderer or his motive. Masood's family members said that she had complained to police about former DIG Pawan Srivastava.

The family members also said that she had an argument with a protocol department officer. But apart from these individuals they could not name any person who could have killed her.

Shehla Masood was a firebrand activist who also wrote articles and raised her voice on a variety of issues. She ran an event management company 'Miracles'.

As she was exposing corruption and was after corrupt officials, it is suspected that those whose interests were harmed in process, might have planned her murder.

State government has agreed for a CBI probe. We hope that the investigative agency manages to unveil the truth and nab her killers. This would be the real tribute to her.


Group clash: SP loses eye in communal violence in Bhopal

An IPS officer was seriously injured when two communities clashed in Itwara in Old Bhopal on Tuesday. SP Bhopal North Abhay Singh was hit with a stone in his right eye.

Doctors said that his eye was damaged and he was taken to Chennai. But there are little hopes that his vision would be back.

Many people were injured and vehicles were torched by a mob that attacked houses and resorted to arson after a minor incident.

Over 1,500 policemen were deployed in the area. The situation was tense but under control. Peace was restored after police crackdown on rioters. Cases were registered against the rioters for targeting police vehicles and attacking personnel.

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