Gangster's surrender & BJP leaders' proximity

Bhopal don Muzaffar Husain alias Munne Painter, who modelled himself upon Haji Mastan, and has been convicted in the case of gang war in court, surrendered to police on Thursday night amid high drama.

A BJP leader of the rank of district vice-president was present with Painter when he surrendered. It is not that Painter's relations with top BJP leaders are not known publicly. He is said to be close to a senior politician and a former Madhya Pradesh chief minister. Another former Chief Minister of state is also reported to be close to him.

What explains the manner in which the Central Jail Superintendent was suddenly replaced. Isn't it to ensure that Painter lives in the jail in comfort and runs his business from inside? But with politicians close to him, nothing will change for him--whether he is in jail or outside. Seeing a BJP politician standing with him while surrendering, a journalist quizzed the reasons of this friendship and the answer was 'communal harmony, the hallmark of Bhopal'.

The other gangster, Mukhtar, who has been sentenced to death, is close to a Congress leader. Interestingly, both Mukhtar and Painter were together until 12 years ago when a dispute turned these friends into foes. The shootout in district court had led to three deaths in cold blood inside the court, with one dying just on the dais of the magistrate. Nine persons have got life imprisonment in this case at the High Court and two, Mukhtar and Asif Mamu, got the noose. They will be hanged. However, they can appeal to the Supreme Court.

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