Dacoit Rambabu Gadaria's death

Dreaded dacoit Rambabu Gadaria who perpetrated a reign of terror in Chambal ravines for a decade was killed in an encounter in Shivpuri on Tuesday. Contractors, traders, village money-lenders and police feared this ruthless dacoit, who had committed massacres like Bhanwarpura and Karsena in the last decade.

His animosity with Rawats and Gujjars was well-known. But for Saharia tribals and his own Gadaria caste, Rambabu was a Robinhood. His escape from police custody when is gang had thrown chilly powder in the eyes of policemen, had earned him the sobbriquet of Chambal's Veerappan.

He was wanted in connection with over 125 cases including murders, abductions and loots. He killed policemen and informers and extorted the businessmen and contractors. After his elder brother was gunned down in an encounter last year and many other members arrested or killed, Rambabu's gang had weakened. The police are now looking for the tens of crores which he had looted and extorted, and kept with his confidantes including some money-lenders.

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