Minister Ranjana Baghel slaps tribal woman

The state minister Ranjana Baghel slapped a tribal woman and threatened her when she asked the minister about non-fulfilment of the promises made by Baghel earlier.

Baghel had gone to Palasi village near Manawar (Dhar district) for election campaign of her husband Mukam Singh Kirade when the woman, Ganga Bai, 35, questioned her on loan waivers.

But the minister was so stung by the query that she hit the tribal woman. This shocked the villagers. Police did not register an FIR initially but when the Congress leaders led by Jamuna Devi reached the police station, the case was registered.

Baghel was booked for causing hurt to a woman and threatening her. Congress leaders said that they would raise the issue of mistreatment with the woman and the arrogance of the minister.

Ranjana Baghel looks after Women and Child Development department. She also has charge of social justice department. She had earlier promised to waive farm loans up to Rs 50,000 when she was contesting election but this remained an announcement.


MLA's Murder in Bhind: Criminalisation of Politics

Once again an MLA has been murdered in Madhya Pradesh. Makhanlal Jatav, a Congress MLA from Gohad seat in Bhind, was shot dead, by unidentified persons when he was getting into the car.

Jatav was campaigning for his party's official candidate for the Lok Sabha election, Dr Bhagirath Prasad. The murder has shocked the local residents and has also signalled the growing criminalisation of politics in state.

Jatav was shot in the head. He was returning after addressing a public function in Chhareta. Two shots were fired at him. He was taken to hospital where he was declared dead.

Makhan Jatav had defeated BJP's Lal Singh Arya in the Assembly elections. His son blames that some BJP leader were responsible for killing Jatav. Police have arrested Pappu Sharma 'Pandit' but it is not clear at whose behest he murdered Jatav.

A few months ago during the Assembly election, the BJP's candidate from Prithvipur constituency, Sunil Naik, was murdered. He was shot in the neck. Congress MLA Brijendra Singh Rathore's brother was accused of the murder.


MANIT staff attacks Director KS Pandey

The staffers of the Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) attacked the director of the institute KS Pandey and manhandled him.

Pandey tried to retaliate and took out scissors. The extraordinary event took place on Thursday after Pandey refused to sign the cheques because of which the staff couldn't get their salaries.

They protested and held a demonstration at the College building. Later they entered the chamber of director. The professors, lecturers and other employees raised slogans against him.

There was an attempt to assault the director. He was hit a few times and later police intervened to save him from getting beaten up. Some professors and other staff members were accused of causing damage in the chamber and attacking the director.

The teachers have opened a front against him. MANIT that was previously known as MACT has been in the news for wrong reasons. Pandey is facing serious charges of irregularities and corruption.


Girl talking on cell phone falls off third floor

A girl who was talking to her boyfriend forgot that she was on the terrace of a building and fell off the third floor of an apartment on Annapurna Road in Indore.

Bhavna was talking to her friend Shubham on phone. First she sat on the wall and while talking lost her balance. She fell on the parapet and tumbled down to the next parapet and in processing hitting the chhajjas came to the ground.

She was seriously injured and is in the hospital. Her father said that Bhawna was talking to her fiance Shubham and was talking to him on mobile phone when the incident occurred.

He said that his daughter is about to get married to the same boy. Researchers say that when a person talks on cell phone, he often gets so engrossed that he loses sight of things around him and it can cause major accidents.

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