Ramdev cult grows in Madhya Pradesh

Baba Ramdev has become a favourite with the BJP government. Official machinery was at yoga guru's beck and call during his stay in Bhopal.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and the top brass of BJP attended his yoga sessions religiously and even the Congress leaders despite their initial protest, could not stop themselves from showing their faces at the Baba's programmes.

The cult is growing. If he says Lauki is good, the Lauki disappears from market as everybody goes to buy it. Madness has swept this state and Ramdeo is panacea for all ills. BJP feels that it can exploit the Swadeshi saint.

But the Baba doesn't want any tag. He has the whole world to conquer. He categorically denied that it was a BJP function and repeatedly said that he respected and welcomed Congress men equally.

But former CM Babulal Gaur reached the yoga session in his RSS uniform--khaki shorts--and the discomfiture of Baba was evident.
Baba needs land, he needs to open institutes, compete with Sri Sri and all others the world over.

party warty apni jagah, aakhir, Baba ko to apni dukaan chalaani hai!

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