Builders, brokers and bureaucrats run Bhopal

Who runs Bhopal? Clearly, it is the builder-broker-bureaucrat nexus that has emerged as the most potent power centre in the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

Builders are minting money and have capitalized on the real estate boom. Many of them have now made foray in other businesses, set up industries and are prominent in political parties.

A builder is considered the most powerful man in Bhopal these days. He is said to have provided finances to the party and is now reaping dividends. Bureaucrats were always powerful but under current regime, they are wielding clout more than previous governments.

The lack of familiarity of BJP leaders with administration and governance has made the bureaucrats autocratic and many are no longer shy of throwing parties, travelling in luxury vehicles and living life kingsize. And there is no Digvijay Singh or Arjun Singh to cut them to size and tell these babus to 'behave'.

The remaining space is filled by brokers (or say dalaa), which are numerous. They complete this trio that has made a mess of Bhopal. You need government orders, illegal sanction for property or any unauthorised job, get close to any of this trio and you will surely get things done--of course, at a price!

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