It's Cow Vs Commoner for BJP

Nothing changes for the BJP as they seem to never learn from their past mistakes.

When the need is good governance, they change names of towns, drop Twinkle Twinkle from the children's poetry book, introduce Surya Namaskar or Saraswati Vandana, press for Vande Mataram or do similar exercises that don't take them anywhere.

Rather than working for the poor, under-privileged and other weaker sections who vote en masse, the party even ends up turning the middle-class against it. What's the use of dropping Twinkle Twinkle and how come it is against Indian culture.

Now they are back to Gau Mata. The schemes of cow sheds are in a dismal state, the cows are dying in Gaushalas but they have decided to make punishment for cow slaughter more stringent--a punishment of 10 years. The Cabinet further decided to make it mandatory for the cow or any bovine species being transported from other states through MP to get an advanced permission from the State Government for the purpose, writes a newspaper.

Their world vision will never change and they can't look beyond Cow though in process the common man might get severely affected and disenchanted with the Saffron party, vote for the Congress.

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