Riots in Madhya Pradesh: A distinct pattern in state

A sudden wave of riots hit Madhya Pradesh recently. First, communal violence raised its head in Jabalpur followed by communal clash in Indore and subsequent communal tension in Biaora (Rajgarh) and Guna.

The state was peaceful for quite sometime and the communal bug has suddenly bit Madhya Pradesh. Observers are suspicious that this pattern of riots could be a calculated handiwork for vested interests. In Jabalpur, the posters of Jain community's Gajrath Festival were allegedly torn up, that caused tension.

In Indore, the Muharram procession was stoned at. And similar rumour about posters was circulated. In the ultra-sensitive Rajgarh district, the Biaora town witnessed riot when people returning from tazia procession were charged of damaging posters of Hindu Sammelan. In Guna, stones were pelted at the Muharram procession.

From the Western district and commercial capital Indore to Jabalpur in the East the communal violence was witnessed in just a week. Clearly, mischievous elements are out to disrupt the communal harmony in Madhya Pradesh.

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