Hoshangabad will become Narmadapuram: The politics of changing names

Another old name goes. Hoshangabad will become Narmadapuram, promises Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan recently. The aim is obviously to get some political mileage and votes (though election is quite far).

Surely Narmada is a holy river and considered sacred. Residents of Hoshnagabad district specially revere the River. But will it improve the life of Narmadapuram residents? Hoshang Shah's name can't be erased from history and neither his beautiful tomb that is located in Mandu.

It would not put off Muslims as the minority population is nearly insignificant in Hoshangabad. BJP is quite strong in the district. The final decision may be taken a year later so that it could translate into votes. We are not exactly happy with the decision though we have no love for Hoshang Shah either. Government should focus more on issues than naming and renaming exercises that are more or less futile.

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