Tainted ministers re-inducted in BJP cabinet

The re-induction of three tainted ministers in the Shivraj Singh Chouhan's cabinet has surprised not just the citizens but also the party workers. Insiders in BJP feel that a wrong message would be sent to the citizens as far as dealing with corruption is concerned.

Chouhan has been claiming that he will act tough on the corrupt. But the re-induction of Ajay Vishnoi, Narottam Mishra and Vijay Shah has stunned everyone. The newspaper editorials have also been scathing, as the BJP's double-speak has been exposed.

While small fries are taken to task, the big ones facing allegations are let off. Incidentally, the only ex-minister not to be included in the recent expansion of the state cabinet, is controversial MLA Kamal Patel, who is also facing a CBI probe. What was the CM's compulsion that the trio made a re-entry into the cabinet?


IAS officer Anju Baghel suspended

The Madhya Pradesh government has suspended Anju Baghel, an officer of Indian Administrative Service, for irregularities during her tenure as the district collector of Sehore.

The decision comes just days after the Chief Minister ordered institution of a committee to look into the land scams and take action on the land mafia. There were complaints that despite non-payment of revenue, no dues certificates were granted and private land was acquired to allocate prime land in its place.

Baghel is an officer of 1993 batch of IAS. A GAD order says that the irregularities were detected during her posting in Katni. Her actions and irregularities were unbecoming of an officer of the elite services and hence action was taken against her.


Superstitious MP cops watch as Sadhu burns to death in Morena

A Sadhu set himself afire and the Madhya Pradesh policemen were not just watching the spectacle but also taking photographs of the elderly man's self-immolation through their cell phone cameras.

Worse, they folded their hands as the man took samadhi. The incident that brought disgrace to Madhya Pradesh police took place in Morena (wrongly pronounced as Muraina by some TV channels).

Baba Avtar Das of the Hanuman Temple had announced that he would take 'samadhi' to people's welfare. Hoping to see some miracle, hundreds turned up to see his death. He poured kerosene and then set himself ablaze.

But the policemen didn't interrupt even though he died. TV channels showed them bowing their heads, while some among the crowd laughing and making fun. Even derogatory lines like 'buddha mar gaya' were heard about the death of the Saint. Strangely, the top officials also refrained from commenting over the incident.

Gunshots are a joke in Madhya Pradesh!

Who will abide by law when the law-enforcers themselves flout the rules and regulations, and even remain unaplogetic about it.

Recently Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan fired gunshots in air during the Dussehra celebrations. Though Congress raised objection and Suresh Pachouri issued a statment condemning the irresponsibility with which a person holding a constitutional post resorted to firing, there was no expression of regret from government.

Bhopal Superintendent of Police (SP) Jaideep Prasad's eight year old son was handed over an AK 47 rifle and he was made to fire with it at the Police Line. CSP Dilip Singh Tomar gave the shooting lessons to SP's son during Shashtra puja.

PHQ officials remained tight-lipped. Is it wrong or not? At least, it's reckless, if not unlawful. Senior officials are expected to be even more responsible. However, law is applied selectively.

Now, it was the turn of RSS workers. There was an unusual incident at a 'school' where the worship of arms was held. Flouting rules, the programme was held in an education institute and someone's gun misfired, causing a RSS worker's death.

In Bhopal, everybody seems to be having fun firing. So why not criminals? When law-makers show the way, how can others be expected to remain restrained? That's the irony of this state.

[Photo courtesy: Daily Nai Dunia, Indore]

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