Uma Bharti returning to BJP

The grapevine from within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Bhartiya Jana Shankti Party (BJSP) is that Uma Bharti could come back to BJP soon.

With Uttar Pradesh elections round the corner, she wants a good deal for her at the national level and the state also. She can return to BJP as General Secretary and those close to her can get into the Shivraj Singh Chouhan's cabinet.

The fiery leader is biding her time and wanted to bargain. Insiders say that she didn't want to appear in a hurry. With her supporters in cabinet, Bharati will again crack her whip in the state. She has been maintaining that 'the state government' was her 'baby' that was stolen.

There is no doubt, Uma has learnt a lot in her exile and exit from the BJP. The temperamental Sadhvi knows that she has been cheated. She put Babulal Gaur in the chair of CM when a court warrant on the issue of disrespect to national flag, made her relinquish the post. But Gaur turned against her only.

The sexy sanyasin understands that BJP needs her. She has put up candidates in Punjab elections to put pressure on party at national level even as she decided not to put a Jan Shakti candidate in the fray for by-poll in the state. Those who made merry in her absence and had turned their back towards her, will be wary of her return.


Ramdev cult grows in Madhya Pradesh

Baba Ramdev has become a favourite with the BJP government. Official machinery was at yoga guru's beck and call during his stay in Bhopal.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and the top brass of BJP attended his yoga sessions religiously and even the Congress leaders despite their initial protest, could not stop themselves from showing their faces at the Baba's programmes.

The cult is growing. If he says Lauki is good, the Lauki disappears from market as everybody goes to buy it. Madness has swept this state and Ramdeo is panacea for all ills. BJP feels that it can exploit the Swadeshi saint.

But the Baba doesn't want any tag. He has the whole world to conquer. He categorically denied that it was a BJP function and repeatedly said that he respected and welcomed Congress men equally.

But former CM Babulal Gaur reached the yoga session in his RSS uniform--khaki shorts--and the discomfiture of Baba was evident.
Baba needs land, he needs to open institutes, compete with Sri Sri and all others the world over.

party warty apni jagah, aakhir, Baba ko to apni dukaan chalaani hai!


It's Cow Vs Commoner for BJP

Nothing changes for the BJP as they seem to never learn from their past mistakes.

When the need is good governance, they change names of towns, drop Twinkle Twinkle from the children's poetry book, introduce Surya Namaskar or Saraswati Vandana, press for Vande Mataram or do similar exercises that don't take them anywhere.

Rather than working for the poor, under-privileged and other weaker sections who vote en masse, the party even ends up turning the middle-class against it. What's the use of dropping Twinkle Twinkle and how come it is against Indian culture.

Now they are back to Gau Mata. The schemes of cow sheds are in a dismal state, the cows are dying in Gaushalas but they have decided to make punishment for cow slaughter more stringent--a punishment of 10 years. The Cabinet further decided to make it mandatory for the cow or any bovine species being transported from other states through MP to get an advanced permission from the State Government for the purpose, writes a newspaper.

Their world vision will never change and they can't look beyond Cow though in process the common man might get severely affected and disenchanted with the Saffron party, vote for the Congress.


BJP/RSS leader ties knot on Valentine's Day

BJP Secretary Arvind Bhadauria married ABVP leader Archana Guru on St Valentine's Day in Bhopal. Senior BJP and RSS functionaries attended the marriage and blessed the couple.

No wonder that there were no statements against V-day this year and no attacks on card galleries or blackening of couple's faces. Though the party leaders played down the marriage, the leaders naturally felt awkward and looked uneasy explaining their stand on V-day.

It was a 'love marriage'. Though Bhadoria said that it was just a coincidence that the wedding happened on this day, his wife said that it was a great gift for her on the auspicious day. BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya jokingly said that,'hamaare liye to roz hi valentine day hia'. Bhadoriya comes from RSS background

RSS leader Sanjay Joshi came from Delhi to attend the marriage. Interestingly, no Bajrang Dal or BJP leaders issued any statements against Western culture though just a couple of days back Ram Madhav here had spoken vehemently against V-day and had termed it a corrupting influence on Indian culture.


Builders, brokers and bureaucrats run Bhopal

Who runs Bhopal? Clearly, it is the builder-broker-bureaucrat nexus that has emerged as the most potent power centre in the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

Builders are minting money and have capitalized on the real estate boom. Many of them have now made foray in other businesses, set up industries and are prominent in political parties.

A builder is considered the most powerful man in Bhopal these days. He is said to have provided finances to the party and is now reaping dividends. Bureaucrats were always powerful but under current regime, they are wielding clout more than previous governments.

The lack of familiarity of BJP leaders with administration and governance has made the bureaucrats autocratic and many are no longer shy of throwing parties, travelling in luxury vehicles and living life kingsize. And there is no Digvijay Singh or Arjun Singh to cut them to size and tell these babus to 'behave'.

The remaining space is filled by brokers (or say dalaa), which are numerous. They complete this trio that has made a mess of Bhopal. You need government orders, illegal sanction for property or any unauthorised job, get close to any of this trio and you will surely get things done--of course, at a price!


Tribal party angry over RSS appropriating their deity

The masterstroke of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in terming Bada Deo, the tribal deity for centuries, as incarnation of Lord Shiva, has taken the Gondwana Gantantra Party by surprise.

The GGP has become quite strong in tribal dominated areas in Madhya Pradesh and the party has been resisting Saffron brigade. The GGP is also trying to keep the tribals away from BJP-RSS and their outfits that try to Hindu-ise the tribal populace.The Gondwana Ganatantra party workers also urge tribals to remove Hindu idols from their homes and desist them from keeping Ramayana in the house.

But the party has received a jolt with RSS consecrating the tribal deity in Dindori where a big function was held to mark the occasion. Bada Dev was termed as the avatar of Shiva. The aim is clear to everybody. RSS wants all Gonds in Hindu fold. Swami Akhileshwaranand Giri of RSS claimed that the deity was Lord Madhveshar according to Hindu scriptures.

The event was held to mark the birth centenary of MS Golwalkar. MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was present along with KS Sudarshan. RSS' Vanvasi Kalyan Kendra is campaigning to keep missionaries away from tirbals. The Gondwana party's influence has worried both Congerss and BJP as it had not only won a few seats but affected their fortunes in a dozen other assembly seats.

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Riots in Madhya Pradesh: A distinct pattern in state

A sudden wave of riots hit Madhya Pradesh recently. First, communal violence raised its head in Jabalpur followed by communal clash in Indore and subsequent communal tension in Biaora (Rajgarh) and Guna.

The state was peaceful for quite sometime and the communal bug has suddenly bit Madhya Pradesh. Observers are suspicious that this pattern of riots could be a calculated handiwork for vested interests. In Jabalpur, the posters of Jain community's Gajrath Festival were allegedly torn up, that caused tension.

In Indore, the Muharram procession was stoned at. And similar rumour about posters was circulated. In the ultra-sensitive Rajgarh district, the Biaora town witnessed riot when people returning from tazia procession were charged of damaging posters of Hindu Sammelan. In Guna, stones were pelted at the Muharram procession.

From the Western district and commercial capital Indore to Jabalpur in the East the communal violence was witnessed in just a week. Clearly, mischievous elements are out to disrupt the communal harmony in Madhya Pradesh.

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