Uma Bharti returning to BJP

The grapevine from within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Bhartiya Jana Shankti Party (BJSP) is that Uma Bharti could come back to BJP soon.

With Uttar Pradesh elections round the corner, she wants a good deal for her at the national level and the state also. She can return to BJP as General Secretary and those close to her can get into the Shivraj Singh Chouhan's cabinet.

The fiery leader is biding her time and wanted to bargain. Insiders say that she didn't want to appear in a hurry. With her supporters in cabinet, Bharati will again crack her whip in the state. She has been maintaining that 'the state government' was her 'baby' that was stolen.

There is no doubt, Uma has learnt a lot in her exile and exit from the BJP. The temperamental Sadhvi knows that she has been cheated. She put Babulal Gaur in the chair of CM when a court warrant on the issue of disrespect to national flag, made her relinquish the post. But Gaur turned against her only.

The sexy sanyasin understands that BJP needs her. She has put up candidates in Punjab elections to put pressure on party at national level even as she decided not to put a Jan Shakti candidate in the fray for by-poll in the state. Those who made merry in her absence and had turned their back towards her, will be wary of her return.

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