Girl related to Bhaiya Raja's family murdered in Bhopal

A 20-year-old girl Vasundhara Bundela alias Nishi was murdered in Bhopal. Her body was found near Misrod.

Bundela was relative of ex-MLA Ashok Vir Vikram Singh 'Bhaiya Raja', who is a fedual chieftain from Chhatarpur. His wife Asha Rani is a BJP legislator from Bijawar. Nishi studied in INIFD, Bhopal and lived in a private hostel in MP Nagar.

She was shot with a pistol in the head. The police are secretive about the high-profile murder, that bears similarity to Princy Jain's killing in Bhopal earlier this year.

Police suspect that it could be a case of one-sided love and don't rule out other possiblities like land dispute or inter-family conflicts. Police have raided the influential political family's home in Kolar Road and their ancestral house in Bijawar (Chhatarpur).

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