CS says RTI has made bureaucrats' life miserable

Should the Madhya Pradesh Chief Secretary Rakesh Sahni have said it? In a Bhopal newspaper on December 22, he said that the RTI has made the life of bureaucrats miserable.

Do we read it as absolute failure of CS to check corruption. Else why should an IAS officer be scared of revealing information. When he gets his salary from the citizens, should he have the right to misappropriate it?

If seen in broader context, this also suggests that a large number of the officers in the elite services, are doing something which they don't want to reveal. What is it which they are concealing?

It is also sad that bureaucrats who are supposed to bring efficiency in government work and ensure transparency are speaking against Right to Information (RTI), an act which the Centre brought for the benefit of the common man.

The aim is that the citizen should not get befooled and cheated by bureaucrats. When a highly educated person who holds an important post speaks against RTI, it's really a sad day for Madhya Pradesh's babudom and it's official machinery.

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