Uma Bharti to campaign for Advani

The mercurial Uma Bharti has now offered her unconditional support to LK Advani, the man whom she had earlier pilloried for visiting the grave of MA Jinnah in Pakistan.

Bharti told journalists on Wednesday that it was her religious duty to support LK Advani and ensure that he became the Prime Minister of India. "Though I am not a big leader, I don't want to harm him".

There should not be a single vote against Advani because of me, she said. But the future of her Bharatiya Janshakti Party now remains uncertain. The party workers are also unsure about their next step.

Bharti has said that she will not join the BJP. But this appears just a step before the final rapprochement. Else, how oculd the Sadhvi, who was using harsh words for Advani and his party, have a sudden change of heart?

Lokayukta inquiry against Chief Secretary!

The Times of India has published a report that Madhya Pradesh Lokayukta has sent a notice to the Chief Secretary Rakesh Sahani after a preliminary inquiry to probe to complaints against him reached the investigative agency.

But no Hindi newspaper in Bhopal published the news. Are they afraid to even report a minor complaint or they just don't want to brush the bureaucrats wrong way? The complaints are made by two Indore-based persons.

The two persons Shri Ram Goyal and P Jain complained that the state government resumed its grant and aid to MP Flying Club after nine years only when the son of CS was offered concession for training as a commercial pilot.

The concessional flying fee was Rs 4100 per hour compared to 6200 per hour for others. The club says resuming the aid was coincidence and they give a concession to relatives of government officials.


Violence in Ujjain's Mahidpur claims one life

Once again the Madhya Pradesh police failed to anticipate trouble in the communally sensitive Ujjain.

The Miladunnabi procession ended in the evening and later policemen commanded the members of minority community to disperse, as a function of majority community was going on nearby.

The police and members of procession had a clash and later police fired, resulting in one death. But the question remains that why the police were not alert when the Miladunnabi and Holi were falling within a day of each other.

Sadly it was not a communal riot but lack of police preparedness and excess action turned the situation into a riot. Why the police fired at the crowd rather than using water canon or rubber bullets?

Sadly, in almost every riot it is the police action that worsens situations, as the firing is on upper parts of the body. Indian citizens irrespective of their religion keep getting killed by their own force.

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