Is it BJP winning or Congress losing in Madhya Pradesh?

With just a week to go for the state elections, both the parties are making claims of win in the elections but the million dollar question is which party seems in a better position.

Unfortunately there are no clear answers as there is no wave in this election. Congress had the initial advantage when it announced the candidates but the lists that came out later had names of candidates who stand no chance of winning.

The Congress could have cashed in on the anti-incumbency but poor selection of contestants will do it in. Take a loot at Bhopal where it almost threw away its chances by selection of weak candidates.

Nasir Islam had lost the municipal corporation election from the ward and was given ticket against Dhruv Narayan Singh. A forgotten man, Deepchand Yadav, was made to contest against Umashankar Gupta. In Huzur, it first named Makhmal Meena as candidate and then put up his brother.

The only strong candidate is Sunil Sood against BJP's Vishwas Sarang. Vibha Patel is also finding it tough against former Chief Minister Babulal Gaur. The candidate for the Berasia seat is also not a big name.

In Bhopal, there was anger against Umashankar Gupta, Babulal Guar and controversy over Jitendra Daga's name but the Congress failed to make the most of it. This is the story in many other seats outside Bhopal and it may cost Congress dearly.

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