Dainik Bhaskar group: Makes crores, sacks in hordes from newspaper

One of the biggest media groups in India, the Dainik Bhaskar group has been increasing its readership by lakhs every year and its coffers are deep enough to face any meltdown or recession.

But the ruthless retrenchment of dozens of journalists has hit the image of the group. On one hand the group has for years appointed managers who get fat salaries and huge pay packages but on the other hand, it treats its journalits in a rather stranger manner.

Salaries are not in proportion and the journalists on whom the success of the paper rests, get raw deal. In comparison, managers and those who have connections get handsome packages. In Inore and Bhopal, it handed over pink slip to many employees, most of whom got salary in just four figures.

They call it rationalisation. Hindi news website B4M writes that the paper sacked two senior journalists of Bilaspur edition when they raised their voice agains this attitude of the management. It is sad that journalists who raise the voice of others, are unable to have anybody speak for them.

They can't write their own story as they don't own the papers. The owners' treatment is far from satisfactory. Long back the Bhaskar group was earning Rs 1000 crore annually. Now they have multiple businesses and paper is published from the whole North India.

We expect a group like Bhaskar to be sensitive and true to journalists who have made it successful. As outsiders, we have no say but we appeal to them to stop the job cuts. Though there are reports that the owners now plan to stop the retrenchments. Those who have been sacked, should also be taken back.


Discontent among senior BJP MLAs in Madhya Pradesh

The senior BJP MLAs are a discontented lot due to the recent cabinet expansion after the BJP came to power in Madhya Pradesh for the second time in succession.

The supporters of senior BJP leader Sartaj Singh who was once again ignored, created scene at the swearing-in function.

Other senior leaders like former Vidhan Sabha speaker Ishwardas Rohani also dashed off to Jabalpur in a hurry because he was equally disturbed.

Narottam Mishra, Kamal Patel and Ajay Vishnoi were also not considered for the cabinet berth. This has angered these ministers because Tukojirao Pawar was made minister.

Pawar has been a controversial minister and during the elections, he was also charged of misbehaviour with a woman official.

On the surface everything looks fine. Shivraj Singh Chauhan is comfortable and stronger but the discontent is brewing within the party.


Shivraj leads BJP to victory in Madhya Pradesh, Suresh Pachauri fails to turn tables for Congress

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has again captured Madhya Pradesh. It managed to win (142 seats)despite the anti-incumbency and the anger against corrupt ministers.

But more than BJP's victory, it is Shivraj Singh Chouhan's success and the failure of Congress to capitalise on the weakness of BJP. Shivraj's down-to-earth approach and the schemes like Ladli Laxmi and government-sponsored mass marriages for poor, helped him connect to the common man.

In contrast, Congress was a divided house where satraps wanted to ensure the victory for their candidates and sabotaged the chances of other fellow party candidates. Kamal Nath, Suresh Pachori, Arjun Singh, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Digvijay Singh were big names but they worked against each other.

While Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) cut into the vote of Congress as it came second in 20constituencies, Bharatiya Janashakti Party (BJSP) couldn't hurt the BJP much. Uma Bharti lost the election from Tikamgarh.

Pachauri's arrogant style and attitude angered party workers. Though a seasoned politician, he has never won and election but was still made the Congress party president before elections. He failed to keep the flock together.

Kailsh Vijayargiya, Babulal Gaur, Anup Mishra, Narottam Mishra, tainted ministers Kamal Patel, Ajay Vishnoi and Vikram Vemra won but Himmat Kothari, Gauri Shankar Shejwar, Rustam Singh and Jaibhan Singh Pavaiya lost.

For Congress Subhash Yadav was the most notable leader who lost. Satyadev Katare, Hajarilal Raghuvanshi and Shriniwas Tiwari also lost. The Samajwadi Party's performance was poor.

In capital Bhopal, BJP candidates Umashankar Gupta, Vinod Daga, Brahmanand Ratnakar, Babulal Gaur, Vishwas Sarang and Dhruv Narayan Singh won. Only BJP's Alok Sharma lost to Arif Aqueel.

The surprise loss was that of Mayor Sunil Sood to Sarang in Narela constituency and Daga's victory from Hujoor. Congress did badly but improved its tally and has 70 members in the Assembly now.

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