Discontent among senior BJP MLAs in Madhya Pradesh

The senior BJP MLAs are a discontented lot due to the recent cabinet expansion after the BJP came to power in Madhya Pradesh for the second time in succession.

The supporters of senior BJP leader Sartaj Singh who was once again ignored, created scene at the swearing-in function.

Other senior leaders like former Vidhan Sabha speaker Ishwardas Rohani also dashed off to Jabalpur in a hurry because he was equally disturbed.

Narottam Mishra, Kamal Patel and Ajay Vishnoi were also not considered for the cabinet berth. This has angered these ministers because Tukojirao Pawar was made minister.

Pawar has been a controversial minister and during the elections, he was also charged of misbehaviour with a woman official.

On the surface everything looks fine. Shivraj Singh Chauhan is comfortable and stronger but the discontent is brewing within the party.

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