Shivraj leads BJP to victory in Madhya Pradesh, Suresh Pachauri fails to turn tables for Congress

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has again captured Madhya Pradesh. It managed to win (142 seats)despite the anti-incumbency and the anger against corrupt ministers.

But more than BJP's victory, it is Shivraj Singh Chouhan's success and the failure of Congress to capitalise on the weakness of BJP. Shivraj's down-to-earth approach and the schemes like Ladli Laxmi and government-sponsored mass marriages for poor, helped him connect to the common man.

In contrast, Congress was a divided house where satraps wanted to ensure the victory for their candidates and sabotaged the chances of other fellow party candidates. Kamal Nath, Suresh Pachori, Arjun Singh, Jyotiraditya Scindia and Digvijay Singh were big names but they worked against each other.

While Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) cut into the vote of Congress as it came second in 20constituencies, Bharatiya Janashakti Party (BJSP) couldn't hurt the BJP much. Uma Bharti lost the election from Tikamgarh.

Pachauri's arrogant style and attitude angered party workers. Though a seasoned politician, he has never won and election but was still made the Congress party president before elections. He failed to keep the flock together.

Kailsh Vijayargiya, Babulal Gaur, Anup Mishra, Narottam Mishra, tainted ministers Kamal Patel, Ajay Vishnoi and Vikram Vemra won but Himmat Kothari, Gauri Shankar Shejwar, Rustam Singh and Jaibhan Singh Pavaiya lost.

For Congress Subhash Yadav was the most notable leader who lost. Satyadev Katare, Hajarilal Raghuvanshi and Shriniwas Tiwari also lost. The Samajwadi Party's performance was poor.

In capital Bhopal, BJP candidates Umashankar Gupta, Vinod Daga, Brahmanand Ratnakar, Babulal Gaur, Vishwas Sarang and Dhruv Narayan Singh won. Only BJP's Alok Sharma lost to Arif Aqueel.

The surprise loss was that of Mayor Sunil Sood to Sarang in Narela constituency and Daga's victory from Hujoor. Congress did badly but improved its tally and has 70 members in the Assembly now.

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