Lokayukta inquiry against Chief Secretary!

The Times of India has published a report that Madhya Pradesh Lokayukta has sent a notice to the Chief Secretary Rakesh Sahani after a preliminary inquiry to probe to complaints against him reached the investigative agency.

But no Hindi newspaper in Bhopal published the news. Are they afraid to even report a minor complaint or they just don't want to brush the bureaucrats wrong way? The complaints are made by two Indore-based persons.

The two persons Shri Ram Goyal and P Jain complained that the state government resumed its grant and aid to MP Flying Club after nine years only when the son of CS was offered concession for training as a commercial pilot.

The concessional flying fee was Rs 4100 per hour compared to 6200 per hour for others. The club says resuming the aid was coincidence and they give a concession to relatives of government officials.

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