Unwilling government, inept officials responsible for Indore riot

The responsibility of throwing Indore into flames clearly falls on the State government. With violence flaring up in Indore and spreading to neighbouring Ujjain, it is clearly the failure of government.

Ever since the BJP has come to power, Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh has become a communal cauldron. Does the government intend to turn it into Gujarat? Riots have become a regular feature and the administration appears indifferent to violence and deaths.

The inefficient Collector and SP who give a bad name to 'promotee' officers also have to share the blame. If they couldn't gauge the gravity of situation in a City like Indore, they don't have the moral right to be in their place.

SP RK Chaudhary, who is a relative of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, and got the posting just because of his relation, failed to take any steps. To refresh the memory of readers, Chaudhari was the SP at Dewas when the Dharaji tragedy had taken place.

Over 50 persons were washed away in the Narmada when the dam water was suddenly released and the pilgrims had met watery grave. He was removed and his increment was stopped for the mishandling of the situation.

That's the reason officers of State cadre who become Collector and SP, don't get the respect which IAS and IPS officials get. Their mishandling of tough situations like communal riots and their subservience to political masters prove the point. The Collector Rakesh Shrivastava also proved to be a big letdown.

The local Hindi daily Raj Express on its front page reported how the the banquet was held in the CM House on Friday night. The dinner was not cancelled though Indore was still burning and many other cities had seen violence.

But when BJP leaders ranging from Narendra Singh Tomar to Kailash Vijayvergiya and Himmat Kothari blame the SIMI for the riots and forget Bajrang Dal, VHP and RSS, does the administration has any chance ?

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