Why Nai Dunia can't succeed even in its new avatar

The Indore-based Nai Dunia group is desperately trying to hold its base in Malwa and also increase circulation in Bhopal where it has re-launched itself as Nav Dunia but it has failed to create an impact.

Even a paper like Patrika that came from Rajasthan has managed to get a good circulation in Bhopal, but not Nav Dunia that was running its edition from Bhopal for decades and had bureaus in other cities of the state.

For the last week Indore was witnessing violence and the town was in curfew but the front page editorials by Umesh Trivedi and Abhay Chhajlani proved why the paper can't strike a chord with readers in the present era.

Front page editorials are written under special circumstances and the readers expect a unique perspective and incisive coverage. But the paper failed miserable though it has a huge editorial team in Indore and is considered the flagship paper of Indore.

In the frontpage editorials, Umesh Trivedi and Chhajlani were both shedding fake tears about the worsening law-and-order situation of Indore and the erosion of composite culture in the City. It was simply a rant.

They didn't write a line about who engineered the riots, failed to name the local leaders who were involved and gain from such situations. Even the Bajrang Dal and VHP were not named in the editorials.

Then, how can one expect the editors to expose the hypocrisy of the leaders who are involved in scams, real estate business and still claim to be champions of harmony. When you can't write truth and don't have the courage to write the obvious which everybody knows, your journal and your journalism is exposed.

[It is not that Dainik Bhaskar is doing the job either. Shravan Garg's front page article was no good either as it gave no reasons and no names, just a web of words weaved to fill a couple of columns.]

Newspapers are not just used for dissemination of news but they are also supposed to be conscience keepers of the times. They have a duty to inform the readers. But when they fail badly nobody takes them seriously.

Today these papers are simply tools of the administration and have no guts to publish scathing articles. Gone are the days when papers took on mighty leaders. Today they succumb to minor politicians and everybody who has got money--from business barons to brokers.

That's the reason Nai Dunia (or Nav Dunia) has no future and this newspaper is bound to be doomed. They better dump the catchline 'Vishwas ki Parampara'.

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