Raja Bhoj's statue installed in Bhopal's Upper Lake

The statue of Raja Bhoj has finally been brought to Bhopal. It has been installed on the part of the Burj of Bhopal Fort that was established by Nawab Dost Mohammad Khan.

The statue would be formally unveiled in February. Bhoj is said to have ruled the region 1,000 years ago. It is also believed that on his name the place was named Bhojpal which later became Bhopal.

In medieval era, the Afghan dynasty ruled Bhopal. For over two centuries, Muslim Nawabs and Begums sat on the throne of the princely state until the state was merged in Indian Union.

Raja Bhoj is also credited for the creation of the biggest man-made water body, the Bada Talab or Upper Lake in Bhopal. The BJP workers had earlier demanded that the Habibganj railway station be named after Raja Bhoj.

But the demand was not met with. However, the installation of Bhoj's statue that had been promised earlier has now been completed. Mayor and senior officers will formally unveil the statue on February 28.

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