Robert Percival 'greeted' with shoes, footwear in Bhopal

The victims and survivors of the biggest industrial tragedy in the world gave a unique 'welcome' to Robert Percival, the trustee of the Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) on his arrival to Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre (BMHRC) on Thursday.

Gas victims including victims with footwear, shoes and sandals in their hands rushed towards Percival when he arrived at the hospital. They were angry that when the Bhopal Memorial Trust has been taken over by the Union government, it was under what capacity that the member of the earlier trust that is believed to be responsible for the mess in which the super-specialty hospital finds itself in, had been invited here.

When the protesters found that Percival was staying in the guest house on the premises of the BMHRC, they marched towards the building. However, the officials swiftly escorted and sent Percival away. Robert Percival is the son of Sir Ian Percival who was the sole trustee of the trust.

However, there were allegations of misuse and embezzlements of funds against him. Before his death, he had nominated his son Barrister Robert Percival as trustee. The BMHRC that was built in order to treat gas victims free of cost, is today mired in controversies.

Genuine gas victims don't get treated and money is charged from them while several important wings aren't functioning and equipment are gathering dust in the absence of doctors and specialists. Gas victims suspected that Percival arrived here to find a way to get into the new trust also. [On top left is brief screenshot of news published in Raj Express]

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