Corrupt PWD engineer's bank lockers throw up millions in Madhya Pradesh

It seems corruption has become such a norm in Madhya Pradesh that any bureaucrat at whose residence a raid is conducted, it could be a surety that the investigators will get millions in terms of black money.

PWD Executive Engineer Ashok Kumar Jain's residence and bank lockers in Bhopal and Sagar have also thrown up huge quantity of gold and cash. Till now 11 kg gold and Rs 1.7 crore cash has been recovered from the two lockers that were opened by Lokayukta police officers. The property and assets amassed by the corrupt engineer are estimated to be worth Rs 10 crore or 100 million rupees.

The suspended engineer  has now been charged with amassing property and wealth illegally. But such is the extent of corruption in Madhya Pradesh that a few raids in a month hardly affect the Great Game in which sarkari babus are involved.

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