Godman Rawatpura Sarkar caught in land grab controversy

The Tikamgarh district administration has registered a case against self-styled godman Maharaj Ravishankar alias Rawatpura Sarkar for allegedly grabbing 26 acres of land in Jatara in Tikamgarh.

The district administration served notices on Rawatpura Sarkar, urging him to remove the encroachments. But when the notices were ignored, administration decided to take action and the process to reclaim land was initiated. 

Rawatpura Sarkar was termed a land grabber and even an order to send him to jail was prepared, reports Raj Express newspaper. He has been directed to leave the unauthorized and illegal possession of land in Barana village in Jatara in Tikamgarh district.

A fine has also been imposed. A person, Jhumaklal Dangi, had complained to Chief Minister's complaint redressal cell that Rawatpura Sarkar had used his clout to gain control over the land on which cultivation began later.

After the illegal possession, villagers said that 'charnoi' (grazing fields for cattle) land was not left. Collector Akhilesh Srivastava's decision surprised many as politicians, ministers and other influential perosns make a beeline to the godman.

No one is above the law. If religious figures, holymen and clergy persons behave in such manner, tough action is needed. It keeps the citizens' faith in the rule of law. The district administration deserves a pat on its back for the steps.

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