ABVP activists blacken professor's face, his colleague dies

Another Professor Sabharwal case has now hit headlines in Madhya Pradesh.

Professor Surendra Singh Thakur, who had tried to intervene, when ABVP workers had beaten up a fellow professor Ashok Chaudhary in Bhagwantrao Mandloi Agriculture College in Khandwa, died of heart attack in Damoh.

He was in shock due to ABVP affiliated students' misbehaviour with the professors. After the incident, he told his friends that he was tense and felling unwell.

Thakur went to his hometown Damoh where he dies. His daughter has said that the shocking mistreatment of students and the insensitivity of police was reason for her father's death. The doctors said that he had suffered a massive heart attack. The role of ABVP was similar in the case of death of Professor Sabharwal also.

In the recent incident at Khandwa, the college Principal PS Shastri was also present when the professor was beaten up, hit with footwear and his face blackened. The ABVP alleged that Professor Chaudhary had immoral relations with a girl student, who they claim consumes liquor. Others say that this allegation was false.

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