Health minister Ajay Vishnoi goes after 'unhealthy' term

Health Minister Ajay Vishnoi, whose tenure would be remembered for allegations of corruption and scams in the Health department, had to resign under pressure from the party leadership and organisation.

During his term the Health department received huge funds but most of the funds were gobbled by corrupt officials. The scandal in which patients were given injections meant for animals is just one of the instance. Those responsible were suspended and then soon reinstated. Outside Bhopal, the situation became even worse.

Either it is the scam involving outdated streptomycin medicine purchased for TB patients or the hundreds of crores under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) that never reached the poor, it all happened in his regime.

Such was the level of shamelessness that hundreds of crores that were allocated for buying medicines, were siphoned off. Dr Yogiraj Sharma turned out to be a millionare. Such a 'historic' term came to an end on Monday.

Workers of a party blackened his face in a hoarding and the police took action against them. Vishnoi was still not ready to submit resignation. Even if Vishnoi claims he was not part of the rackets involved in corruption and the CBI raid at his brother's residence yielded nothing, he should have resigned owning moral responsibility.

'Gharibon ki davaai tak khaa gaye'. Such are the officials of his department. He could have owned up. But one has to have values for morality. Alas, most of our politicians are bereft of any morality. Vishnoi's 'historic' term at last ended.

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