"My father is minister....shall I fix you?"

Ramdayal Ahirwar became Minister of State for Home in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday and the next day his power-drunk son called on the police inspector asking him to fix electricity at his residence in Chhatarpur.

"Fix the electicity connection or I will fix you", said Laxmichand Ahirwar, to the Inspector HR Pandey of Maharajpur police station on phone.
When Pandey said that it was basically the job of Electricity Board to correct the fault but he was still sending a police constable to the minister's residence, Ahirwar got angry.

With his friends the Minister's son reached Pandey's house, broke open the door, damaged the government vehicle and tried to attack Pandey, who took out his revolver to save himself from the youths.
Ahirwar had all reasons to be angry, as father was made minister for home and transport just a day back. He must have thought that with father being minister he can call the shots and treat every policeman as a domestic employee.

Love live our democracy!!!

(Photograph of Minister, Ramdayal Ahirwar)

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