Journalist killed in Bhopal

Journalist Pawan Jain 'Vidrohi' who was returning to Bhopal from Vidhsa, after attending a religious ceremony of Jains, was shot dead. His driver was also killed in the firing.

Half-a-dozen bullets were pumped into both of them. Their car was overtaken and stopped by unidentified assailants, who came out of their car and the rain of bullets led the duo dead. Pawan Vidrohi was shot at in February also and journalists had staged a demonstration then.

He was expressing fears that he could be killed. Vidrohi had exposed the corruption in land registration that was incurring huge losses to the government. Jain was receiving death threats and had named a builder as suspect.

Pawan Jain brought out a evening newspaper Vidrohi Dhara and was a member of Working Journalist Union, apart from being a state accreditated journalist. However, he was also involved in land deals apart from being a journalist.

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