Conversion Conundrum: MP Christians fearful as RSS holding Narmada Kumbh in Mandla

Christians in Madhya Pradesh are scared that the upcoming Narmada Maha Kumbh that is being organised in Mandla could inflame passions and lead to anti-Christian violence in the district.

The circulation of communally provocative pamphlets that target Christian missionaries have led to increased tensions. The Christian organisations fear that the Kumbh  was organised in Gujarat's Dangs earlier.

Dangs was the district that had seen large-scale violence and now a similar event in Madhya Pradesh can trigger attacks on their homes. Already there have been some incidents including attack on a pastor in Mandla last month.

Lakhs of participants are expected to attend the programme named Maa Narmada Samajik Kumbh where the focus will be on religious conversion and 'ghar vapasi' or homecoming. Hindutva groups want tribals to turn to Hinduism.

But local tribals and the popular party Gondwana Gantantra Party (GGP) claim that tribals are not Hindus and have their own deities. The Gonds cite court judgments to prove that they are original inhabitants and have their own culture.

The BJP government has 'unofficially' alotted funds and the entire official machinery is at the disposal of the organisers. The fact is that RSS and Christians are fighting over the millions of tribals as both want to convert them to their respective faiths. 

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