MP government spends Rs 50 lakh to promote Advani's book

The recent event to launch the Hindi edition of LK Advani's book 'My country, My life' cost the people of the state Rs 50 lakh.

The State governmnt spent the huge amount on organising the function. Personalities like Yoga Guru Baba Ram Dev, Art of Living exponent Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and BJP leaders attended the programme in Bhopal.

People's money was spent irresponsible in this Five Star launch. Advani, was upset with the poor sales of the book and that's the reason the Hindi edition was brought out and now in all the Hindi speaking states, particularly those ruled by BJP, the launch functions would be held.

Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the series. Of course, LK Advani wanted the function and Shivraj Singh Chouahan was more than happy to oblige with such a grand ceremony. The deliberations on the pre-poll strategy was just an excuse for the leaders.

The main purpose was to promote the book and still the sale hasn't gone up much. The use of official machinery and huge expenditure on the book release, however, puts the BJP and the celebrity Swayamsevak LK Advani in a poor light.

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