Guards, security personnel's misbehaviour with visitors on DB City mall premises in Bhopal!

The complaint of misbehaviour by security guards and staff at Hypercity store which is located inside DB Mall at Bhopal should be taken seriously.

Legislator was mistreated by guards
The reputation of a brand gets sullied by such incidents. Congress MLA Pachilal Medha was at the cash counter when his five year old son innocently picked up a packet of biscuit which his father didn't notice but was seen by security personnel.

They harassed the MLA, separated him from his family, took him to a room where he was kept confined for more than an hour and even made him sign an apology letter. Though he said that he would pay a penalty and was ready to apologise, they mistreated him.

The incident is not the first such case. When DB Mall was opened, everybody had high hopes as it was one of the best shopping malls in India, spread over a huge area.

It functions well and has enlivened the city but there are issues with the staff.

1. They feel that as Dainik Bhaskar group owns the mall, no one can take any action against them.

2. The staff gangs up, particularly, on first floor and bullies people. The worst is that whenever motor route is changed, they don't inform and when the person takes the earlier route, the guards' tone is extremely rough.

3. The security personnel are mostly from the region where people speak harshly and use a rural dialect unlike Bhopal. They use 'tum/tu/aao/jaao', which is upsetting.

4. There should be training for guards and they should be able to speak politely, without any arrogance to the citizens visiting the mall.

5. There should not be separate sets of rules for the Well-dressed sophisticated people and youngsters with body piercing on one hand, while mistreatment with the lesser mortals who don't dress fancily or come out on two-wheelers.

When the mall was opened, we had welcomed it. We hope that it will improve the conduct of security guards and set higher standards.

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