Superstitious MP cops watch as Sadhu burns to death in Morena

A Sadhu set himself afire and the Madhya Pradesh policemen were not just watching the spectacle but also taking photographs of the elderly man's self-immolation through their cell phone cameras.

Worse, they folded their hands as the man took samadhi. The incident that brought disgrace to Madhya Pradesh police took place in Morena (wrongly pronounced as Muraina by some TV channels).

Baba Avtar Das of the Hanuman Temple had announced that he would take 'samadhi' to people's welfare. Hoping to see some miracle, hundreds turned up to see his death. He poured kerosene and then set himself ablaze.

But the policemen didn't interrupt even though he died. TV channels showed them bowing their heads, while some among the crowd laughing and making fun. Even derogatory lines like 'buddha mar gaya' were heard about the death of the Saint. Strangely, the top officials also refrained from commenting over the incident.

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