Tainted ministers re-inducted in BJP cabinet

The re-induction of three tainted ministers in the Shivraj Singh Chouhan's cabinet has surprised not just the citizens but also the party workers. Insiders in BJP feel that a wrong message would be sent to the citizens as far as dealing with corruption is concerned.

Chouhan has been claiming that he will act tough on the corrupt. But the re-induction of Ajay Vishnoi, Narottam Mishra and Vijay Shah has stunned everyone. The newspaper editorials have also been scathing, as the BJP's double-speak has been exposed.

While small fries are taken to task, the big ones facing allegations are let off. Incidentally, the only ex-minister not to be included in the recent expansion of the state cabinet, is controversial MLA Kamal Patel, who is also facing a CBI probe. What was the CM's compulsion that the trio made a re-entry into the cabinet?

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