Bhopal journalists beaten up at Airport

Electronic media cameramen and reporters were beaten up when they went to the airport to cover the visit of Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh.

India TV stringer Anurag Upadhyay was hit with canes. Some others were also hospitalized. But the journalists are getting beaten up every now and then. In fact, electronic media journalists have themselves to be blamed for their devaulation.

When Amar Singh was coming to Bhopal for a press conference, what was the need to go to Airport to receive him. Is he George Bush or Amartya Sen? He has to speak at press conference and attend functions. You can ask questions to him there. What scoop would they have achieved at the airport? Is he RAW or IB chief?

Why need to go to airport to welcome him like a party member? The journalists also want to show their face to the high and mighty and secure privilieges later. Earlier also they got beaten.
When CISF pushed them back, one journalist abused the security man.

After this they took the lathis and lashed journalists. Then the same electronic media journalists demanded an inquiry and action from police. It was more foolish act, as CISF comes under the Centre and any inquiry by state police, will not hold water and there won't be any action. If they want respect, they should stop chasing everybody like papparazzi, else accept this treatment. Don't cry like kids.

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