Saint Lal Sai sexually abused women: Sex scandal in Bhopal

Saint Lal Bulchandani who was known as Lal Sai was sexually abusing women in Bhopal for four years.

The police have registered a case against him. Sai's ashram in Bairagarh is now being searched and his disciples have run away. After women devotees complaint that he even raped minor girls, the police took action.

Sai had become a powerful man. Hundreds of women visited his Ashram. Now it has been disclosed that he asked them to perform meditation and gave medicines under the impact of which they were raped.

Hindi newspaper Dainik Jagran published the report. It has also printed the allegations against the Sant. After this was disclosed, some persons tried to settle the matter and there was political pressure but at last he was exposed.

The Jagran report on newspaper's website

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