Will Uma Bharti cause BJP's defeat in Madhya Pradesh?

Fire-brand Bharatiya Janshakti Leader Uma Bharti is the biggest obstacle for Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan in the way of his second coronation as Chief Minister.

Uma Bharti has burnt her bridges with the BJP and the party leaders don't want her back without realising that it was her popularity that had given the party an overwhelming majority in the Assembly.

Now Uma is all set to take revenge. The Sadhvi is hurt as she feels it was the mandate for Uma Bharati and not the BJP but the party later dumped her. With her aggressive campaigning, it is clear that she is going to harm the prospects of BJP.

In rural Madhya Pradesh and Bundelkhand region, she is still revered. With reports of Samajwadi Party and BSP having a secret pact with her in different regions of the state and Congress also supporting her, it is clear that Shivraj will not find it easy to come back to power again in the Assembly elections to be held in November.

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