MANIT staff attacks Director KS Pandey

The staffers of the Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) attacked the director of the institute KS Pandey and manhandled him.

Pandey tried to retaliate and took out scissors. The extraordinary event took place on Thursday after Pandey refused to sign the cheques because of which the staff couldn't get their salaries.

They protested and held a demonstration at the College building. Later they entered the chamber of director. The professors, lecturers and other employees raised slogans against him.

There was an attempt to assault the director. He was hit a few times and later police intervened to save him from getting beaten up. Some professors and other staff members were accused of causing damage in the chamber and attacking the director.

The teachers have opened a front against him. MANIT that was previously known as MACT has been in the news for wrong reasons. Pandey is facing serious charges of irregularities and corruption.

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