Girl talking on cell phone falls off third floor

A girl who was talking to her boyfriend forgot that she was on the terrace of a building and fell off the third floor of an apartment on Annapurna Road in Indore.

Bhavna was talking to her friend Shubham on phone. First she sat on the wall and while talking lost her balance. She fell on the parapet and tumbled down to the next parapet and in processing hitting the chhajjas came to the ground.

She was seriously injured and is in the hospital. Her father said that Bhawna was talking to her fiance Shubham and was talking to him on mobile phone when the incident occurred.

He said that his daughter is about to get married to the same boy. Researchers say that when a person talks on cell phone, he often gets so engrossed that he loses sight of things around him and it can cause major accidents.

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