Farmers 'invade' Bhopal, capital on a standstill

Thousands of farmers kept the capital of Madhya Pradesh at ransom as they blocked almost all the major roads, bringing the City to a grinding halt.

The farmers who came in over 5,000 tractor-trolleys parked their vehicles in the midst of roads and refused to leave. They were angry with the BJP government for refusing to pay attention to their plight. The administration was absolutely unprepared and hadn't anticipated the traffic jams.

Never before in the history, Bhopal had witnessed such massive jam. On December 20, the farmers under the banner of RSS affiliated Bharatiya Kisan Sangh reached Bhopal to meet Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

True to their threat, the farmers brought Bhopal to a halt. Children were stuck in schools, office-goers couldn't reach to their workplaces and vehicle riders were caught in jams for hours. On the second day, the farmers continued their stir, saying that the state government was not sensitive.

Farmers say that the crop was not fetching adequate money and they were not getting electricity in villages which hurt agriculture. The major intelligence failure exposes the police department's lack of preparedness also.

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