Food fatwa: Minister's vegetarian zeal shocks business fraternity

State minister Paras Jain's anger upon seeing non-vegetarian food at a programme in Hotel Jehan Numa has surprised business fraternity and citizens.

Jain got upset that how a meeting hosted by the BJP government should have non-vegetarian delicacies. He 'ordered' that henceforth no government function will have any non-vegetarian stuff for the guests and everyone will have to eat vegetarian food.

His anger and outburst stunned the officers. The Food and Civil Supplies minister seems to have forgotten that it is the government which has to lure businessmen and investors from all over the country by repeatedly cajoling them and at investors' summits, liquor is served openly along with non-vegetarian food.

Shouldn't it be a person's choice whether he wants to adopt vegetarianism or non-vegetarian ways? Will his suo-moto fatwa of banning the non-vegetarian cuisines be accepted by the other government departments or it is just a gimmick to attract publicity.

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