Dumper Case: State government, Chief Minister again feel heat

Lokayukta is probing dumper case
Four years after the 'dumper case' had rocked Madhya Pradesh, Congress has again stepped up pressure on the ruling BJP government over the major scandal in order to corner Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

With Congress leaders deciding to go to Delhi and meet President Pratibha Patil on the issue, the dumper scam is again hitting headlines. It was alleged that Chief Minister's wife Sadhna Singh had bought four dumper trucks in May 2006.

A case was filed in the court to seek details of purchase of dumpers. It was alleged that the dumpers were attached to JP Group's cement plant in Rewa. It was raised as a case of corruption and allegations were made against Chouhan.

Former Leader of opposition late Jamuna Devi had shot a letter to CM and asked him to explain the situation. It was later found that Sadhna Singh had taken a loan of Rs 77 lakh from bank to buy four dumpers for personal travels business.

It was clarified that it is not wrong to earn living through business. She had earned Rs 16 lakh through the dumpers. Congress leaders had alleged that her company got Rs 75,000 monthly rent from JP Cement which was raised by Rs 10,000 later.

The opposition had alleged that how the dumpers were purchased, who financed them, whose photographs were affixed on the bank documents and why the dumpers were sold all of a sudden. They demanded that if everything was in order, why the record was not put in the Assembly.

Though it was accepted by CM that a loan of Rs 77 lakh was taken to buy dumpers in 2007, no details were released in his personal assets revealed in 2009-2010. Neither purchase and sale of dumpers, nor the earnings from this business to his wife, were mentioned. The Congress had alleged that the aim was to provide benefit to the JP group.

Jamuna Devi had questioned how the margin money was paid and despite not having an account in Oriental bank, how the instalments were paid and whether the Income Tax department was informed. The court had asked the Lokayukta police to conduct inquiry and submit report.

Once again the Congress is now forcefully raising the issue. Opposition didn't let the house function and the Assembly was adjourned. Congress is insisting on the demand for a CBI inquiry into the entire episode. Seems the opposition is trying to put the government in dock and also energize itself with the four year old case.

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