Corruption in Madhya Pradesh: Bureaucrats or Dacoits!

Crores are lying at home and property worth hundreds of crores have been amassed by some of the bureaucrats in Madhya Pradesh, as evident by the recent Income Tax raids.

Aren't these bureaucrats worse than dacoits! The dacoits rob a select few and mostly the rich exploiting class of traders and money-lenders. But the corrupt bureaucrats who are supposedly educated siphon off funds meant for everybody--all of us including the poorest citizens--money meant for nation building.

Is the pension insufficient to live a decent life? When educated class resort to such large-scale corruption, it's time to ponder for the society that what's wrong with our collective DNA. Why we are so corrupt?

Journalists should also answer why they never catch corruption and wait until only when an investigative agency like Lokayukta and EOW or the Income Tax register a case or conduct raids.

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