Madhya Pradesh BJP turns Builders' Janata Party!

The three day convention of Madhya Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is being held in Bhopal but the unfortunate truth is that the party is not focusing on why builders are wielding enormous powers and the party is going the Congress way.

It is an open secret that builders are almost running the government by proxy. One builder partiularly is involved in transfers and postings, which has almost become a portfolio in the state government.

Bureaucracy is unrestrained and many officers of Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service even salute this builder. They attend his parties and dance even wearing uniform when he 'orders' them to do so.

A blogger is not a journalist and it's not his job to expose everybody or write everything. One may ask the mainstream media why they don't write it. But a party like BJP that claims that it is pro-poor and speaks about 'shuchita' and 'samrasta' should have discussed why it's also getting afflicted with the same malaise that Congress suffered from.

At least, in Congress rule the moneyed were shown their place. But in the current government, the situation is getting out of hand. Shouldn't it be a cause of concern, as the administration has become less effective and citizens don't appear happy with the goings-on.

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