Saffronisation in Schools: BJP introduces Bhojan Mantra

The BJP ministers seem to have a penchant for controversy. The recent announcement that the students will have to recite the 'bhojan mantra' in the schools is the latest example.

The minister Archana Chitnis says that before taking their midday meals, the students will recite this mantra. The Muslim organisations and other minorities' bodies are already upset.

Though the state government and the education minister assert that the mantra has nothing objectionable, it leads to suspicion as this particular mantra is chanted in the Saraswati Shishu Mandir schools run by the RSS.

Was there any need for a mantra, even if it doesn't have Hindu religious words. Shouldn't government focus on improving education rather than further burdening teachers with its agenda?

There is a suspicion that first government will introduce mantra and then the students will have to hold their palms together, resmebling the Hindu prayer. Unfortunately such needless controversies negate the good work undertaken by the Shivraj Singh Chouhan government.

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