Hindu organisations reignite conversion issue

Once again the issue of religious conversion by the Christians has been raised in Madhya Pradesh. The protests and rallies signify a revival of anti-Christian mobilisation.

A little-known organisation Sanskriti Bachao Manch has taken the lead on this occasion. Its members entered a Church and forcibly took away a woman who was being 'converted.

The woman denied that she was lured. She said that she came to the church willingly. But the angry Manch supporters issued a warning to the church authorities who had to send the woman away.

Though Bajrang Dal, Dharam Sena, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and other groups close to RSS have been involved in movements against the missionaries' work, new organisations are also floated regularly.

While it is true that often evangelists work among tribal, this is equally true that self-styled leaders hold protests against Christians to get into limelight. The state government must ensure that the rule of law is maintained and violent incidents against Christians are severely dealt with.

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