Madhya Pradesh IAS officers want land at Rs 1

The Madhya Pradesh IAS officers' association has asked for precious land at Char Imli, at the ultra-nominal cost of Rs 1 lease rent. Does this astonish you?

It shouldn't. Greed has no limit. The 3.25 acres of prime land is estimated to cost Rs 50 crore but for the IAS officers, who call the shots, and still hold the begging bowl, this is probably their 'right'.

There was a similar effort earlier. Now once again a group of IAS officers of MP are lobbying for taking the plan to the state cabinet for approval. It is no secret that some of the officials have no interest except grabbling land and act as real estate agents than bureaucrats.

They want to construct the office of the MP IAS association and a guest house on this prime land. Though it's not easy to get an approval despite the so-called clout of the bureaucracy but shouldn't the babus try to act sensibly and do something for the welfare of citizens and the poorer sections rather than eyeing land all the time?

[Excerpt from a report published in local Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar is attached]

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